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Every three years, IABP organizes an international scientific conference: The International Building Physics Conference (IBPC).

Call for proposal to host IBPC 2027 has started. Read more in the pdf here

Here, is an overview of the previous and upcoming IBPC conferences.

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Toronto Metropolitan University, Toronto – Canada (25-27 July 2024)
Conference Chair: Professor Umberto Berardi


Technical University of Denmark, Kgs. Lyngby/online – Denmark (25-27 August 2021)
Conference Chair: Professor Carsten Rode


Syracuse University & Syracuse CoE, Syracuse – USA (2018)
Conference Chair: Professor Jianshun “Jensen” Zhang


Politecnico di Torino, Torino – Italy (2015)
Conference Chair: Professor Marco Perino
Editors: Prof. Marco Perino, Prof. Vincenzo Corrado


Kyoto University, Kyoto – Japan (2012)
Conference Chair: Professor Shuichi Hokoi
Editors: organizing committee


ITU – Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul – Turkey (2009).
Conference Chair: Gülten Manioğlu
Editors: Nurgun Tamer Beyazıt, Gulten Manioglu, Gul Koclar Oral and Zerrin Yılmaz


Concordia University, Montreal – Canada (2006)
Conference Chair: Prof. Paul Fazio
Editors: Paul Fazio, Hua Ge, Jiwu Rao, Guylaine Desmarais,


KU (Katholische Universitat) Leuven – Belgium (2003)
Conference Chair: prof. Hugo Hens
Editors: Jan Carmeliet, Hugo Hens, Gerrit Vermeir


TU/e University, Eindhoven – The Netherlands (2000)
Conference Chair: Prof. Martin DeWitt
Editors: Jacob Wisse, Nico Hendriks, Henk Schellen, Wim van de Spoel