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About us

The International Association of Building Physics (IABP) was born on year 2000 in Eindhoven, Netherlands, at the first International Building Physics Conference (IBPC2000). The Association gathers researchers, professors and professionals of the Building Physics sector from over 40 countries worldwide.


The main aim of IABP is to deepen and disseminate knowledge in the field of Building Physics/Building Science, to promote the research and the teaching activity at various levels. Networking is an additional commitment that the association carries on. The network is aimed at enhancing the synergy between different research centers and companies, thus facilitating cultural exchange and the participation to competitive projects funded by third parties.

Members of the association are all the participants at the International Building Physics Conference (IBPC) that is held every three years. IBPC is the most well-known activity of IABP.

Besides the IBPC conferences, IABP promotes and organizes periodic PhD summer/winter schools.


The objectives of the association are to contribute to the improvement of building physics area in international platforms and to establish communication and cooperation among those engaged in research and application in various fields of building physics. These objectives are pursued through:

  • the promotion, advancement and dissemination of the research and best practice in the field of Building Physics in order to improve the design, construction, operation, maintenance and performance of new and existing buildings and surrounding infrastructure,
  • the organization of an international scientific conference every three years (International Building Physics Conference – IBPC)
  • the sponsorship of an international journal, that publish high level papers covering the broad field of Building Physics, the teaching and educational activities in the field of Building Physics